In Afghanistan, the Taliban killed the day 74 people

In a series of attacks and attacks by militants movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia) in Afghanistan on October 17, killing 74 people. It is reported by The Independent, citing the statement of representatives of local law enforcement.

The Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Afghanistan Murad Ali Murad has called the attacks “the largest terrorist attack this year”. According to him, in Paktia province 41 21 police and 20 civilians were killed when the Taliban attacked a police station in the provincial capital city of Gardez.

Another attack was perpetrated in Ghazni province. The militants sent a car Laden with explosives into the barracks of law enforcement officers. Directly from the explosion killed 25 policemen and five civilians. After blasting battle ensued, which lasted nine hours.

The third attack was carried out in Farah province: the Taliban attacked a complex of administrative buildings. In the attack are also victims. According to police, return fire they managed to destroy dozens of terrorists. The Taliban has officially claimed responsibility for the attack.

The last major attack in Kabul took place on 24 July. Then a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device near a private University and home of the Deputy head of the government of Afghanistan Mohammad Mechanika in the area, inhabited predominantly Shia. 24 people were killed, 42 were injured.