Family from Chechnya apologized for saying security forces murdered cousin

Family members Lazurkevych from Chechnya refused the accusations against the local police in the murder of relatives and the attempted abduction of her daughter, which were recorded in their video. They made a public apology on air of TV channel “Grozny” on Wednesday, October 18, reports the “Caucasian knot”.

18-year-old daughter Salama Tazurkaev explained to journalists that filmed a video with the charges at the request of the father, and that it has no serious reasons — the usual domestic quarrel. The head of the family said that it was not aware of his intentions. “I was so pissed, he didn’t understand. Hoping for support, I called [the division of power structures]. I am very sorry. Please forgive me”, — quotes the edition of his words.

Younger brother Tazurkaev seen in the video, said that just wanted to take a passport with her niece that she married a foreigner and went to Syria. He confirmed that he served in the security forces, but quit two months ago.

Big brother Tazurkaev, in turn, said that his daughter, who was named the murdered woman, married and living abroad.

We are talking about the video, posted on October 16 on YouTube and translated portal “Caucasus. Realities”. It shows how few men knocking down doors in the house. The shot on the phone the girl explained that her uncle serving in the shelf Kadyrov, threatened to deal with her sister. The landlord Salam Tazurkaev also said of his daughter’s life in danger. He said that he was previously kidnapped and murdered the daughter of his brother.

The newspaper reminds that in Chechnya is a widespread practice of public penance in the TV channel “Grozny”. 29 Mar Maret Santolaya, speaking at a gathering of villagers in the village of Davydenko, apologized for his statements about the beating of people by the security forces. May 20, Yakha beksultanova, complained the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov on the inaction of the authorities after a fire in Grozny, asked forgiveness for his appeal.