Condolences to trump the widow of a dead soldier has outraged Americans

Donald Trump

The words of the President of the United States Donald trump, which he said during a phone conversation with the widow of a dead soldier, angered many Americans. It is reported by The New York Post.

Call in the house of the deceased Sergeant David Johnson came on Tuesday, October 17. The President talked with his widow. The conversation lasted five minutes, and the head of state said in particular: “He knew what was going on. But still, when that happens, very painful.”

“They were shocked. It’s like saying: “You signed up for. Wouldn’t want to die, didn’t sign up.” I wanted to curse him, asked family to give me up, but they refused,” — said the democratic Congressman Frederica Wilson. The White house said that the content of conversations of the head of state and members of the families of dead soldiers cannot be disclosed.

Johnson died in Niger on 5 October. Then the detachment was attacked, presumably, the action cell of the terrorist group “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) operating in Niger and Mali. During the shelling killed five soldiers of the army of Niger.

On October 17 it became known that the American aboard Delta was forbidden to sing the national anthem to pay tribute to the deceased in Niger colleague Johnson Dustin Wright, his body was transported this Board. According to the crew, singing the national anthem might offend people from other countries.