Britain has expressed the desire to deter and to punish Russia

Boris Johnson

UK cannot build normal relations with Russia. This was stated by the head of the British Ministry of foreign Affairs of Boris Johnson, reports on Tuesday, October 17, Al Manar TV.

“In many ways Russia is behaving as if there is a new cold war. Our goal is to prevent the deterioration of relations, to contain Russia, to be sure that we punish Russia for its hostile and destructive activities”, —he noted, answering questions of parliamentarians.

The diplomat added that in London understand the need to maintain the dialogue.

Johnson also confirmed recent statements by the British authorities that in London there is no direct evidence of Moscow’s involvement in the cyber attacks on Britain.

The head of the British foreign office has repeatedly stated that due to disagreements on Syria and Ukraine the two countries is difficult to build a normal relationship.

In late 2017, Johnson plans to visit Moscow with official visit. Previously, he twice endured a trip to the Russian capital.