The utility was flooded with sewage defaulters in Krasnoyarsk

For five days the residents of the house in Krasnoyarsk was flooded with sewage water. Sewage from the overflowing septic tank alarm filled the stairwell and the apartments on the ground floor in one of the entrances, according to “Synovate”.

Affected residents told the newspaper that the Manager of the building management company “Comfort house” has refused to repair the septic tank of the debtors neighbors. In this case, the victims of the communal services do not become delinquent, and the inhabitants of the first entrance, regularly paid bills.

Previously the tenants of this house had sued the previous management company. Then they also had problems with a faulty septic tank.

In August 2017, all the city beaches of Alushta flooded faeces in connection with the damage to sewage treatment plants after the storm. Due to problems with sewage, the local authorities introduced a state of emergency for a few days was limited hot water.

Before that, in April of this year, in one of the courtyards between the apartment buildings in the city of Gubkin in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district was filled with excrement. More than a week, the utility pumped out the sewage, during this time the stench had interfered with the townspeople.