The king of hip hop Eminem: the story of a white “loser”

The king of hip hop Eminem: the story of a white “loser”

The most successful white artist in the American rap industry October 17, marks 45 years. Eminem continues to experiment in the near future, certainly is not going to leave the scene.


Before becoming one of the most famous musicians, a multiple winner of Grammy awards and an Oscar winner, Eminem has been through many trials and even a suicide attempt.

“To get out or stay”

The rapper grew up without a father, he left his 17-year-old wife shortly after the birth of her son. And in memory of the unlucky parent of a future star was only the name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, which he transformed into the pseudonym “M&M” and later in the famous nickname “Eminem”.

One day, his mother in search of a good job settled in the African-American quarter of Detroit, where, in addition, inhabited by only a pair of white residents. Not surprisingly, a vicious boy immediately became a Prime target for local bullies, they mocked him for his skin color, small stature, protruding ears… Soon Eminem was beaten so badly that doctors for more than a week tried to take him out of the coma.

Ordinary memories of Eminem about his childhood as follows: “passed me three black guys in the car. Showed me the finger, I — in response, well, sort of everything. But they stopped the car… One came over, punched me in the face so that I fell. Then he pulled a gun. I literally jumped out of her shoes. I thought they need sneakers.”

I was in fourth and he was in the sixth grade. He came into the bathroom when I was there. He hit me in the back so that I fell and doused himself. I was beaten in the bathroom, in the hallways, locked in closets

After another incident the boy’s mother decided to stay away from the criminal quarters and moved to Kansas city, where lived her brother Ronnie, who became Eminem’s authority and best friend. He once brought a boy album Ice T “Reckless”, then the future star had a goal — to become a rapper.

At the age of 13 Eminem started writing rap music, and soon began to participate in battles.

But here he was expecting trouble: black MS were convinced that “white” has no place in rap. Hardly Eminem took the MIC, he shouted: “Hey, white bastard, get out play your rock’ n ‘ roll!”. But to deny the talent of the young MC was difficult, he gradually began to win competitions and earned the respect even among black peers.

I finally found something. You know, sometimes one guy has more girlfriends, another better clothes, but none of them can do what I do. You know what I mean? The guy can’t write like me. And then I thought: maybe now Marshall will be respected?

Fire, water and copper pipes