The butt of Churchill and the hair of Lincoln. Top 10 ridiculous lots at auction

The butt of Churchill and the hair of Lincoln. Top 10 ridiculous lots at auction

Twelve thousand dollars for a half-smoked cigar of Winston Churchill and 670 dollars for a slice of 68-year-old cake. Aify talks about the most absurd of the “star” things that are sold at auctions.

The Butt Of Winston Churchill

That only do not buy people to get closer to their idols. A recent auction in the US for 12.2 thousand dollars was sold the butt of Winston Churchill. According to the website of RR Auction, the Prime Minister has not finished Smoking a cigar on may 11, 1947, in a Paris airport Le Bourget. From the Havana La Corona with a length of 152 mm left piece is 101 mm and the red-Golden label with the name of famous brand.

Winston Churchill’s half-smoked Cuban cigar just sold for a lot of money

— TIME (@TIME) October 13, 2017
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Complete with cigarette butt was a picture of Churchill, in which he is depicted at the door of the plane with a cigar in his hand. The did the pilot of the plane on which politician was flying with his wife in British airbase Northolt to Paris and back. He kept a piece of the cigar, extinguished by the Prime Minister, when he climbed aboard the vessel. And bought this unusual lot a resident of the state of Florida, whose name is kept secret.

The Hair Of Abraham Lincoln

But a piece of cigar — this is not the craziest thing was purchased at auction. In 2015 to hammer away a strand of hair 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. It was sold for 25 thousand dollars in Dallas, Texas.

Curl, presented at the auction, cut off chief physician of the US public health service Joseph K. Barnes. It was shortly after the actor John Booth shot the President.

Along with a lock of hair at auction presented more than 300 items related to the death of Lincoln. For them managed to gain over 800 thousand dollars.

A piece of the wedding cake of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Piece of cake from the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip was sold at auction after 68 years from the date of the celebration. It was implemented in the original packaging with the initials of the monarch and the place of the event. The lot was presented by the lady from East Sussex, whose father was present at the reception on the occasion of the marriage. Fruit snack went under the hammer for £ 500 at a rough estimate of 300-500 pounds.

Auction experts said that, despite its nearly century-old age, sweetness was in excellent condition because it was saturated with alcohol.

Bought a cake a resident of Los Angeles, whose name remains unknown. Ate it or put it on the shelf, too, remained a mystery. It’s possible that this year the sweetness is noted along with a pair of 70-summer anniversary of joint life.