Syrian Kurds announced the complete liberation of Raqqa from ISIS

Syrian Kurds announced the complete liberation of Raqqa from ISIS

Kurdish troops occupied in raqqa last building remained under the control of militants IG. The operation to liberate “the capital of ISIS” lasted more than four months. The U.S. claim that only released 90% of the city.

Syrian Kurds announced on October 17 the capture of Raqqa, under the control of prohibited in Russia, ISIS (Islamic state) in 2014.

First of the complete liberation of Raqqa said the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights (SOHR), soon information was confirmed by Talal Silo, a spokesman of the opposition to the Assad regime “of the Democratic forces of Syria” (SDF; there are groups of Kurds and the Syrian moderate opposition). According to him, the city has 99% cleared of militants, Kurdish proceed to clean up the area around the hospital “from the remaining mines and the remnants of the militants”.

The last stronghold in Raqqah was the stadium and the national hospital in the city centre. By mid-day on October 17 SDF troops took both of the object and lowered the flags of the terrorist group, raising his own.

USA can confirm that about 90% of the area of Raqqa were repelled at IG, said the evening of 17 Oct Reuters the representative of the armed forces of the United States. The US-led international coalition operations helped the Kurds from the air.

Previously, the Agency Reuters with reference to the representative of the city Council of Raqqa reported that SDF allegedly allowed the militants to Syria to leave the besieged building of the hospital, hiding behind the human shield of 400 hostages. With foreign mercenaries IG such negotiations were not conducted.

The siege of Raqqa began on 6 June. Prior to that, within six months of SDF forces with air support of coalition liberated areas North and West of the city, taking him into the ring. After four months of siege, according to SOHR, killed nearly 3.3 thousand people, including more than 1 thousand civilians.

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