Putin wants to divide with the population health costs

Putin wants to divide with the population health costs

You need to think about what kind of medical care should be free and which — with the involvement of co-financing, said President Vladimir Putin, one must understand their responsibility for their own health.

The President first said about the desirability and acceptability of co-financing in the social sectors, says the rector of the Higher school of Economics (HSE) Yaroslav Kuzminov. Polls 2016 and 2017 showed that the willingness of the population to pay for the receipt of public services of higher quality in recent years has greatly increased, he says, quality education and health care willing to co-Finance 41% of Russians and willingness is observed in almost all income groups.

But co-financing is threatening the fragile social equality, continues Kuzminov, low income groups will not be able to co-Finance high-quality, and therefore expensive social services. To introduce co-payments need, but this risk should be considered.

To introduce co-financing in medicine can with less social costs than in education, indicates Kuzminov, will pay extra for a specific medical service or higher quality. For those who can not pay, should be program, additionally funded by the state.

If to speak about human responsibility for their own health, ways to increase it a little while, the Director of Fri of Ministry of Finance Vladimir Nazarov, for example, you can associate a contribution to the examination — if a person fails to pay, although this will require a major administrative effort.

If it’s referring to the co-financing over the long list of features, there are two obstacles, he continues, the first of which — an article in the Constitution.

Another obstacle, says Nazarov — there are no specific guarantees that for free, and it is not clear that co-Finance.

According to the Constitution every citizen has the right to free medical assistance, but in the future the demand for the types of medical care can be financed with attraction of private capital — it’s about additional services, beyond those guaranteed by law, said a representative of the Federal Fund of obligatory medical insurance.