North Korea announced the condition of renunciation of nuclear weapons

Kim Jong-UN

North Korea supports the idea of a total ban of nuclear weapons in the world, but it will keep its Arsenal as long as nuclear weapons will not refuse US. This was stated by the Deputy permanent representative of the DPRK to the UN Kim Ying Ren, RIA Novosti reported.

The presence of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and Intercontinental ballistic missiles, the diplomat called “warranted for self-defense”. “No country in the world has undergone such an extreme and direct nuclear threat from the US for so long. The situation on the Korean Peninsula, which attracted the attention of the whole world, has reached a critical point, nuclear war could begin at any time,” said Kim In Re and added that rejects the possibility of negotiations on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

He also said that in 2017 the DPRK “was held the final frontier in the formation of nuclear forces.” Now Pyongyang has different ways of delivering atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs and Intercontinental ballistic missiles, said Kim In Ryong.

“The whole territory of the United States is in the area of the flight of our rockets, and if the US dares to even an inch to invade our sacred land, they will not escape our cruel punishment,” — concluded the diplomat.

On 25 September the foreign Minister of the DPRK ri Yong Ho said that the US President, Donald trump declared war on North Korea. According to the diplomat, Pyongyang got the right to shoot down U.S. strategic bombers, “even if they are not in the airspace of our country.” Later, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders called such statements are absurd, adding that Washington is not at war.

September 3 this year, the DPRK held the sixth in its history of nuclear testing. Approval of the North Korean authorities, was blown up by a hydrogen bomb, which can be mounted as a warhead on an Intercontinental ballistic missile.