Moscow will spend two dozen billion rubles for the creation of Parking spaces

Within three years the creation of new Parking spaces capital to spend a total of 21 billion rubles, said the radio station “Moscow speaking” on Tuesday, October 17.

The Moscow city Duma Deputy Stepan Orlov considers such expenses to the city optimal.

“At first glance, the amount seems impressive, however at the detailed analysis it is justified. The money is designed to develop the Parking lots of the largest cities in Europe within three years. In addition, the city plans to abandon the services of private companies and create a unified city service of evacuation, so the budget also includes costs for the purchase of tow trucks. The money will also be spent on the construction, organization and improvement of land for new Parking needed not only its residents, but also motorists from the suburbs, who every day come here to work,” he said in a radio interview.

To refuse to work with private companies involved in forced displacement of transport, the municipality decided due to the abundance of complaints of citizens, writes “Kommersant”.

Instead of gku “administrator of the Moscow Parking space”, AMP will hold a competition, the winner of which will receive a service contract of five years. Also, the city will purchase 125 new cars with manipulators.

According to the coordinator of the movement “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov, the change of ownership of these cars, drivers will notice when they complain about scratched when loading the car. With private owners, he said, to recover the funds more difficult than with AMP. “They react faster and in some cases compensate for large sums,” he told the publication.

Until recently, there were 325 tow, and 150 of them were private. However, in June 2017 the municipality terminated the contract with the company “Mogilevitch”, and the number of machines with manipulators dropped to 225.