Medvedev urged to jump into the digital world to artificial intelligence

Medvedev urged to jump into the digital world to artificial intelligence

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the forum “Open innovations” in Technopark “SKOLKOVO”, has urged foreign partners to hasten the creation of a common “digital world” or artificial intelligence will do it myself.

“Governments worldwide need to hurry until the power came artificial superintelligence and not changed for all of us bodies, and pressed the “delete” button in order to reset our brains — said the Prime Minister, summing up the discussions at the plenary meeting of the forum. — We may still be able to do something in order to establish the atmosphere of trust, which just said (Prime Minister) of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel”.

“Our goal, really, to join forces to make the leap of mankind into the digital world was still well prepared. And I’m sure we can do this. It is because today we understand our responsibility,” — said the Prime Minister.

Earlier, during the panel, the Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin jokingly called bitcoin a part of a hypothetical plan for world domination machine. In his opinion, technology mining of cryptocurrencies and blockchain more spurring rapid growth of computing power. “A global artificial intelligence of these computing capabilities could be used for its training, obtaining new knowledge and development. To get people to repeatedly produce computing power — the first step to taking over the world”, — said Oreshkin.