In Moscow it is impossible to enroll in the U.S. visa. What to do?

In Moscow it is impossible to enroll in the U.S. visa. What to do?

To enroll in mandatory for us visa interview in Russia for a month as impossible. Now for a visa Russians travel abroad and resort to the help agencies.

In late July, the Russian foreign Ministry demanded that by 1 September, the US reduced the staff of its diplomatic mission more than doubled.

The consequences of this diplomatic quarrel is experienced by the Russians, who want to get a visa to the United States. The American side announced that due to the shortage of staff no longer conduct mandatory for visa interviews at the consulates in Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg.

So now those who apply for a visa for the first time, is forced to enroll only in the Moscow Consulate. As a result, in the American Embassy in Moscow formed a queue many months in advance.

Now, according to many wanting to schedule an appointment in Moscow is impossible.

If at the beginning of September to enroll at least at the end of November or December, now for the past month the site meets the applicants that there is no space.

Is it possible to apply for a visa in another country?

It is now so do some Russians. For visas, they go to neighboring States — Ukraine, Georgia and Baltic countries. So did the Muscovite Valentin (name changed) — he and his wife went to Kiev.

Usually after the interview the passport return in a few days. Just one day Valentin and his wife received the passports with the new visas. But in rare cases, the Embassy starts additional administrative processing that can last up to 60 days — and then two months will have bezvylazno to sit in a foreign country while the Embassy will not return the passport.

Eugene specifically for visas went from Moscow to Latvia — at the same time stayed in Riga for the weekend. In the Latvian Consulate you can pass an interview in Russian — almost everywhere in other places you need to be prepared for an interview.

In the US she was going to go to the Congress of the Association of Slavists, but in the end she will have to participate via Skype — the visa it refused.