Gypsies in Moscow threatened to feed the lioness, hired for the occasion engineer

A member of one of the television have suffered as a result of actions of the Gypsies who hired him as a sound engineer. This was reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to the publication, Alexei Gladyshev was invited to work at the celebration of the 28th birthday of the son of the Gypsy Baron in a private house in the East of Moscow on 16 September. In agreement, the man worked from 20:30 to 2:00, received a reward in the amount of 15 thousand rubles. To stay until morning he refused, but invited speakers to musicians to get his equipment to rent.

In response to the man of the hour knocked from his hands Gladysheva mug of coffee, tore his clothes and threw him in the head with a glass bottle. “I hid in my car. And heard on the outside, they shouted that he would kill me and feed the lion, which lives in an open cage at the site and walks without a muzzle,” — said the victim.

According to him, the Gypsies surrounded the car and started beating him with pipes and sticks, knocking out the glass. A man came out of the cabin and ran away, trying to climb the fence. The second time he did it. Catching a ride, Gladyshev got to the police and wrote a statement.

The next day he returned to the wrecked car, the repair of which will cost 230 thousand rubles. Also, the TV lost laptop worth 90 thousand, two microphones and 10 thousand rubles from her purse, upon which it was prosecuted for the theft. In addition, the man said that during the conflict, received a brain concussion, closed cherepno-a brain trauma and numerous bruises.

The Gypsy Baron insists that Gladyshev he was drunk, molested women, arguing about the payment and tried to push the car at the hotel.