Disclosed the number of victims of the bloody battle for the “capital” of ISIS

The total number of victims of a four-month battle for the Syrian city of raqqa was 3250 people. BFMTV reported, citing data from the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

According to the organization, this includes 1130 of civilians, 270 of them children. The rest of the dead — the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) and the men of the militias that participated in the assault on the city.

Earlier, on October 17 it was reported that raqqa, a long-time former self-proclaimed “capital” of ISIS, is completely cleared of terrorists. Currently the city is controlled by fighters of the Kurdish militia, the Peshmerga.

Terrorists seized Raqqa in 2013. The liberation of this city was considered one of the main goals of the international antiterrorist coalition headed by USA, the leading military operations against extremists in Iraq and Syria.

Background: the “Capital” of ISIS terrorists freed from