An American blew up the house with his wife inside and wanted to marry a Russian woman

Steven Pirus

American Steven Pirus, killed his own wife and podzhegshih your house, about to get married to a Russian woman. It is reported by the Wisconsin State Journal.

According to the investigation, last summer, the 59-year-old resident of Wisconsin, shot his wife named Lee Ann, and then discovered gas in the basement and blew up the house with the purpose to cover their tracks. Pirus also told investigators several versions of the death of his wife — he first claimed that she killed herself, and then she allegedly asked to kill her because of the depression.

The police don’t know the exact date of the death of Lee Anne Pirus, but indicates that we are talking about “weeks or months” until the discovery of the body.

Police found correspondence of the Pirus with a certain Olga from Russia, which sent him explicit photos. They discussed the upcoming move of the Russians in the United States and her wedding with the Pirus. Complicating the situation is the fact that Olga had problems with the visa. Also law enforcement authorities found that Pirus was a frequent visitor to the sites online Dating.

In July it became known about the inhabitants of Utah, who, during a cruise in Alaska killed his wife. When an eyewitness to the murder asked the man what happened, he replied: “She’d laugh at me.”