Alligators eat sharks (and Vice versa)

Alligators eat sharks (and Vice versa)

American scientists have described the practice of interspecies predation in the estuaries of Florida.

Ecologist James Nifon and biologist Russell Lowers checked, what to eat missisipsky alligators, and found in their menu of sharks.

Alligators live in freshwater rivers, and sharks in the salty ocean, but in the mouths of the rivers of their habitat in a natural way are blended, giving the gators the opportunity to hunt those whom they do not normally reach — elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) and marine turtles.

But such recordings are still there, including four cases that were observed Nifon and Lowers.

Especially often it happens during the rains, when falling from the sky fresh water gives the gators the opportunity to stay longer in areas with more salt water and closer to the sharks. In those days, a diet of alligators, usually composed of shellfish, small fish and waterfowl, complemented by a seafood — nurse sharks-nurse, fish-hammer, lemon shark and Atlantic Stingray.

The opposite case has been described only once, in The Fishing Gazette in 1887. Then the gators made a feast in the surf — ate brought a tidal wave of fish. They were attacked by sharks attracted by the scent, and held a historic battle between the great predators.