A fugitive from North Korea told about the bomb, shot and killed the Americans

Escaped from North Korea a girl named Joey (she has to hide his identity for the safety of relatives) answered questions of visitors of the website Reddit. Netizens talked to her in a special section of the website Ask Me Anything.

The post garnered more than 47 thousand likes, four thousand questions and comments.

According to joy, she left North Korea at age 18 and was immediately sold into slavery in China, where unwittingly became the bride and mother of the child. Two years later the girl managed to escape to South Korea, where she started providing assistance to North Korean women victims of trafficking.

“I hope that one day I will be able to take my daughter to South Korea,” she said.

The girl told that ran away from home because of a stepmother that was going to give the girl in marriage and to relieve the burden of responsibility. Nevertheless, she took joy with the right people helped her to move to China.

Despite the escape joy fondly recalls life in North Korea: talks about family gatherings, delicious food, and relationship with the mother. At the same time she notes that almost did not go to school because of the “Great famine” which made the crowd of minors to work on farms.

She also admitted that North Korean children were convinced that the USA is a terrible place, and Americans who do not allow you to reunite North Korea with South Korea — the worst people in the world. “I once read in a textbook that during the Korean war, Kim Il sung turned pine cones into a bomb and killed many Americans. In the childhood it seemed to me that this is the absolute truth,” she remembered.

She also added that the people of North Korea, not the people, what they represents Western television. “Most of them are ordinary people who just want to live in peace,” concluded joy.