Tillerson denied public castration

Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson said that is not subjected to castration. The TV channel CNN, he commented on the statement of Senator Bob Corker about the actions of the President, allegedly “castrating its Secretary of state”.

“I checked. Everything is in place,” said Tillerson in response to a question.

Earlier, the head of the international Affairs Committee Bob Corker in an interview with The Washington Post said that trump “castrates” Tillerson, destroying his diplomatic achievements on issues related to North Korea and Iran.

Lately in the American media often raises a question about the growing dissatisfaction with trump’s Secretary of state. Thus, on 1 September, The Washington Post, citing close to the White house said that Tillerson fell into disgrace because of disagreements on the deployment of additional U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Also the discontent of the trump is the position of the head of the US diplomacy in relation to the policy against Cuba and Qatar.