There are new details of accident with a naked Russian woman in the Dominican Republic

Ukrainian woman Ivanna Boyarchuk, arrested in Dominican Republic after the death of her friend, Russian Natalia Borodina, perhaps in the time of the accident was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. This writes the local resource Ensegundos.

According to him, 11-year-old son Borodina, despite appearing before messages were not in Russia, and together with her mother. The trip, which ended in the death of a parent, the boy missed, since he was left at the hotel.

To the accident, as noted Ensegundos, could cause a number of irregularities Boyarchuk, who was behind the wheel. Being drunk, she was driving with one hand while the other was filming his girlfriend on the phone. Because of this, the Ukrainian could not notice a puddle, hitting which led to the loss of control, the car drift to the right and collision leaned out of the window naked Borodina with a road sign.


However at the court hearing with Boyarchuk was cleared of all suspicion, said Mirror honorary Consul of Ukraine in the Republic Andrea Biamonti. The court found that Borodin became a victim of their own negligence. Her friend released from custody and had returned to the hotel; if she left the country is unknown.

In turn, The Daily Mail writes that the son Borodina during the incident in the Chelyabinsk region, where he lives with his aunt. The publication reports that the boy’s name is Ermak and that the fate of the child became interested in his father, Alexander Balagushkin, as well as grandfather Boris, who was in the Navy and is now Vice-rector on scientific work of the Siberian state University of water transport.