“The sleeping cell” is covered in Moscow and Makhachkala

“The sleeping cell” is covered in Moscow and Makhachkala

Security forces have prevented terrorist acts against the participants of the festival.

In Dagestan and in Moscow law enforcers detained members of “sleeper cell” terrorist supporters “Islamic state” (IG). According to investigators, they were preparing a series of terrorist attacks in Dagestan, including in relation to the participants of the world festival of youth and students, who arrived Saturday in the capital of the Republic.

About the arrest of four supporters of the Islamic state (banned in Russia) on Saturday said the National anti-terrorist Committee (NAC). Kommersant’s source gave the names of two of them — Hidirnebi Katueva and Samira Ibragimova — and added that the security services do not exclude: involved in the preparation of terrorist acts and attacks on the security forces could be more. According to the NAC, the operation to eliminate the terrorist cell, which was held in Moscow and Makhachkala, was attended by employees of FSB and MVD. All the detainees are natives of Dagestan.

According to security officials, they have already given grateful evidences about his contacts with the emissaries, and prepare them resonant terrorist acts, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and bladed weapons in Dagestan in places of mass stay of people during large events, and also attempts at life of law enforcement officers and military personnel.

As the source said “Kommersant”, go to the supporters helped long operational work, including the study of correspondence of suspects on the Internet. It is from their conversation, it became clear that users in social networks discussing ways to attack, choose weapons, seeking information about improvised explosive devices.

Most of those arrested were laborers on the construction site. During the interrogations, they were told where arranged recesses. The first of these was discovered in early October in the basement of an unfinished building. In it were found two pipe bombs with a total capacity of 200 g in a trotyl equivalent. Bomb experts defused an IED.

Another explosive device, whose power is estimated at 50 grams of TNT was discovered on the same site on Saturday. It was also defused on the spot. The design of this bomb was used a magnet device, attackers can attach to the bottom of the car or other metal surface.

The video recording of the interrogation of detainees, which was circulated by NAC, one of them says that the had to go with the money to Central Asia to buy weapons there.

Target of attacks, the intention of the attackers was supposed to be including the world festival of youth and students.

About 50 participants from three dozen countries arrived to Makhachkala on Saturday to participate in the regional four-day program which includes sightseeing in the capital of Dagestan, and beyond, as well as communication with the local youth. Explosions even a small capacity at events of this kind, the intention of the bombers, was to provide shares maximum resonance, and a melee weapon (it was confiscated by security forces during the arrest of members of the group) could be used to stab attacks.

Yuliya Rybina, Makhachkala