The Kurds in Kirkuk clashed with the advancing Iraqi army

The Kurds in Kirkuk clashed with the advancing Iraqi army

Three hours after the start of operation Iraqi army in Kirkuk province, the military clashed with Kurdish Peshmerga troops. In Baghdad claim that the attack is successful.

The Agency Reuters with reference to the representative of the Kurdish command said that South of Kirkuk both sides used artillery. He stressed that the Peshmerga troops into battle not with the army, and “national mobilization” — a paramilitary organization that help the armed forces of Iraq.

As reported by the Iraqi Al Sumariya TV channel, citing sources in Kirkuk province, entered to army met the resistance of the Kurdish Peshmerga troops South of the capital district. Indicates that in several areas there are recurrent skirmishes between the Iraqi security forces and Kurdish fighters.

Earlier, the Kurdish government has called for the Peshmerga troops to fight the first and to open fire only if attacked. The Kurdish Governor of Kirkuk have appealed to the local population and offered to anyone who has a weapon to defend the city, reports channel Al Jazeera.