The Iraqi army launched an offensive against the Kurds in Kirkuk

The Iraqi army launched an operation to establish control over oil fields and military bases in Kirkuk. On it informs Agency Reuters.

According to the state television of Iraq, government troops managed to occupy a vast territory with no resistance, the Kurdish Peshmerga troops. Kurdish authorities deny the allegation.

The President of Kurdistan Masoud Barzani ordered the Peshmerga forces not to open fire on the Iraqi army, however, was allowed to respond to the attacks.

September 25, Iraqi Kurds voted in the referendum for an independent state. The conduct of the referendum caused a negative reaction in Baghdad. On 27 September, the Iraqi Parliament appealed to the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a request to send army units in Kurdish-controlled province.

Kirkuk is a disputed territory. The authorities of the Autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan in fact, her control and considered Kurdish land, while the official Baghdad claims that Kirkuk was never part of Kurdistan.