Should Russia be afraid of “instant global strike” is the United States?

Should Russia be afraid of “instant global strike” is the United States?

In the Russian defense Ministry said that the Pentagon began to establish a strategic system of “instant global strike,” which strikes will allow you to hit targets more effectively than nuclear weapons.

Fears last week was expressed by the representative of the defense Ministry Alexander Emelyanov, the Russian-Chinese briefing ABOUT the UN. According to him, “unlimited deployment of U.S. missile defense system is a serious challenge to global security, the incentive for an arms race and a threat to all mankind.”

But it is possible that the Russian defense Ministry is exaggerating the readiness of States to implement this programme, says the co-Director of the Nuclear policy program of the Carnegie endowment’s James Acton.

In an interview with the Russian service Bi-bi-si, he said that the United States has still not made a decision about whether they want to take the program on Board. Since the tests are very slow, the solution will be only a few years.

James Acton is the author of the book “Silver bullet”, released in 2013. In it, he talked about the dangers and risks of replacing nuclear weapons of high precision.

Acton told the Russian service Bi-bi-si, that since the release of the book program “instant global strike” in the United States developed very slowly.

“During this time was conducted only one test,” he says. And it failed because the particle accelerator exploded, he adds.

Everything was going so slowly because Americans are faced with technical difficulties and budget cuts.

That developed in the United States?

The “instant global strike” can be used during a nuclear conflict, replacing nuclear weapons. It’s a homing weapon can hit a target anywhere in the world within an hour, which is comparable to megalitismo nuclear missile. It can be ballistic or cruise missiles and systems that will combine the properties of both.

Due to the high speed it must be extremely difficult to intercept by missile defense systems.

In the United States, under the concept of “Instant global strike” have been going for many years. The idea was to create a munition that can fly at hypersonic speed, and can in the shortest possible time to hit a target anywhere in the world.