Love vladikavkazets gosh intervened in the opening of the youth Festival

Gosh from Vladikavkaz on the stage of the opening ceremony WFMS

XIX world festival of youth and students began in Sochi with the pause in the opening ceremony. As reported TASS, the event was interrupted when the scene appeared an unknown young man in a red suit.

“I gosh from Vladikavkaz, the fact that somewhere in the room sits a girl, which I did the offer twice. Christine, see what I can do,” he said to the guests of the gala evening at the Bolshoi ice Palace in Sochi.

A girl named Christina was soon on the scene and this time said Yes to the insistent gentleman. Reporting on the success of the hall vladikavkazets sang the song “My heart” “spleen”. The opening ceremony WFMS continued when Ghosh and Kristina left the scene.

At the opening WFMS there are about 10 thousand visitors from 150 countries. Producer Alexey Sechenov promised to reveal the ceremony’s themes of environment, poverty, education, energy, information and science. He also announced the interactive format of the concert according to the organizers, the audience of the ceremony, received the sets, props, become participants of the action.

World festival of youth and students held in Russia for the third time. In 1957 and 1985 he was welcomed by Moscow, which is now limited to the parade of delegates on October 14.