Kurgan officials decided not to evict an orphaned three-year old boy

Officials of the Kurgan region has withdrawn the petition for eviction three-year old boy from the apartment after the death of his mother orphans, said on Monday, October 16, Znak.com.

According to the newspaper, the reason for this decision was the public outcry. In the city of Shadrinsk said that the lawsuit was filed to clarify the question about the future use of housing the son of the deceased, but in the end came to the conclusion that “the position of the city administration in this matter is completely on the side of minors”.

The situation with the child, the apartment of the deceased mother which almost took the municipality took control of the Governor of the Kurgan region Alexey Kokorin, was quoted on Monday a press-service of the head region. “A three year old boy will not stay on the street,” said the official.

Earlier it was reported that the boy’s mother was an orphan and received housing in 2015 under the contract of social hiring. Six months ago the woman died. A father of a boy who had ever lived with her, but participated in his upbringing, guardianship, that the child was not taken to the orphanage. But the rights to the apartment the man was not, and the municipality has filed in court about withdrawal of housing.

As explained to the edition, the lawyer Alexander Andryukov, representing the interests of the family, the contract specname person within five years can not privatize the apartment. Because the time is not passed, the city has the right to take away living space. According to him, human rights activists intend to appeal to the constitutional court and the state Duma with a request to amend the law to resolve such situations.

“Ribbon.ru” has sent a request to clarify the situation in the city of Shadrinsk, but officials failed to promptly formulate a response.