Killed in Syria, the White widow was coaching 12-year-old son to cut the head

Sally Jones (left)

British terrorist Sally Jones, also known as the White widow, taught 12-year-old son, Joe Dixon cut off his head. According to The Sun, as “textbooks” were goats.

Thus the mother, who joined the “Islamic state” (IG, an organization banned in Russia), taught his son to violence. According to sources, Hamza Hussein (a name given to the child in the IG), distinguished by strong character, he was highly esteemed as adult fighters, and peers. The child even had time to check in, executing a video recording of a prisoner by shooting him in the head.

50-year-old Jones and her son were killed in Syria as a result of U.S. drone strike in June. A woman was killed when tried to escape from the Syrian city of raqqa, surrounded by Kurdish troops. Before her death, she headed the women’s wing of the group “Anwar al Awlaki”, which was engaged in the preparation of terrorist attacks in Western countries.