Israeli planes bombed a Syrian air defense battery

The Israeli air force destroyed a Syrian anti-aircraft batteries in response to the shelling of Israeli aircrafts. It is reported the army press service.

The statement clarifies that the attack was carried out in 50 kilometers to the East of Damascus.

It is noted that at the time of the shelling, Israeli aircraft were in the airspace of Lebanon. On the Israeli side and no casualties.

“The Russians alerted in real-time or perhaps just before (impact),” — said the press service.

Syrian and Israeli troops regularly exchange blows. Israeli authorities have repeatedly stated that they follow the policy of neutrality, however, “will not tolerate violations of sovereignty” in the Syrian conflict.

On 7 September, the Syrian government complained about the bombing by the Israeli air force. In Damascus said the aircraft attacked positions of the Syrian military in the Prefecture of Hama. Killing two people.