In the United States was the rap battle of Oxymoron and Dizaster


In Los Angeles held a rap battle between Russian Occimiano (Miron Fedorov) and performer from Florida Dizaster (Bashir Yagami). By agreement, they read their texts in English.

The rappers were retreating from the rules, sometimes passing on Russian language. In particular, Dizaster in Russian insulted the relatives of Oxymoron: “I for $ 20 had sex with your mom in a distorted form, while the father taught physics in the library,” he said in the translation of cultural language. However, the rules of the rap battles that happen, though not welcome such a fellowship.

In response Oxxxymiron asked the opponent how he feels as an Arab, to play under the flag covered with blood of Muslims.

This competition was held without judges. Verbal duel lasted about an hour.

The organizers promised to publish the network entry battle with Russian subtitles during the day.

At the end of the battle Oxxxymiron posted a tweet in which he said that he “drops the West.”