In Los Angeles started a rap battle Mr. Dizaster and Oxymoron

In Los Angeles started a rap battle Russian artist Oxymoron (Miron Fedorov) against American Dizaster (Bachir Yagami). Rappers read their texts in English.

Before bottom Oxxxymiron asked the audience to show respect to both artists, and started his speech with a quote from the movie “Brother 2”: “tell me, American, what power?”

The representative of Russia for the first time in the international tournament of World Domination.

Dizaster is a rapper from Los Angeles, which has won the title KOTD. Among his opponents were such famous artists as Canibus and Cassidy. In the fall, a musical drama about the battle of the Bodied culture in which Dizaster played one of the roles, and also acted as Executive producer.

6 Aug Oxxxymiron with the score 5:0 lost a verbal duel with the contractor Purulent. A video of the duel has garnered over 25 million views.