“Hogwarts Express” rescued a family stranded in the mountains of Scotland

“Hogwarts Express” rescued a family stranded in the mountains of Scotland

Family stuck at the lake in the highlands of Scotland, rescued by train, which was filmed in a series of films about Harry Potter. On 14 October, writes “bi-Bi-si”.

John and Helen Cluett with four children swam across the lake Nplt and stopped on the shore. At this time, the storm came and their boat was carried away from the shore. Walk to your car family could not, because he stayed four kilometers away from them, and to him was only possible through the swamps.

Clotty called the police, and they reported the family to the coast guard.

It turned out that the travellers were close to the Western railway, which runs steam train “the Jacobite”, which was used as the “Hogwarts Express” during the filming of Harry Potter.

The coast guard contacted the train services and agreed to a family were put on a train and taken to the nearest station “Lochailort”. The train stopped in Essene on the southern shore of the lake, and the guides helped Cloetta to get into the car.

According to Cloetta, the children were very happy trip on the train from the movie wizard, but he was upset because the boat is not found.

“The Jacobite” rides on the tourist route from Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis mountain to the port town of Mallaig on the West coast of Scotland. The train passes through the arched Glenfinnan viaduct, which became gained worldwide fame after appeared in the film “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone” in 2001. In the story, the road to school of witchcraft and wizardry “Hogwarts” is through the viaduct. The locomotive of the train that was in the movie, is in the Museum at the Studio Warner Bros. in Hertfordshire, and for the “Jacobite” created a similar locomotive.