A long-standing vendetta Bjork and von Trier: a new twist

A long-standing vendetta Bjork and von Trier: a new twist

Icelandic singer Bjork said that a Danish film Director harassed her during filming. The Internet quickly figured out he was talking about, but what really happened?

The famous Icelandic singer Bjork (passport björk Gudmundsdóttir) on Sunday joined the voices of the women claiming sexual harassment during filming.

However, björk wrote in his “Facebook” is not about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, and it is about an unnamed Danish Director, who, according to her, during the filming allowed themselves to antics of a sexual nature. What is unclear, and in any case, björk writes that she has a strong character, and nothing was not achieved.

Given that she starred in only one film with a Danish Director, it immediately became clear that we are talking about Lars von Trier.

Björk starred in his film “Dancer in the dark” in 1999. Shooting was difficult. Then björk accused von Trier is that he’s secretly filming her for a documentary and generally behaves like a tyrant. Then she called it “emotional pornography”.

Mutual accusations were made in all the Newspapers, and since then the relationship between björk and von Trier has not improved.

Now Bjork writes that sexual harassment on the set was considered a normal thing, and she was saved only by the fact that she was already a famous singer and could afford not to yield to anyone.

According to her, helped her and that she was born and raised in Iceland, a country where the ideal of gender equality is almost achieved.