Trump’s attorneys criticized the lawsuit to him for bans on Twitter

Donald Trump

Lawyers representing the interests of the President of the United States Donald trump recommended that the Federal court in new York to dismiss a lawsuit against the President for illegal blocking in the opposition-minded Twitter users. On Saturday, October 14, the Associated Press reports.

Lawyers believe that the contents of microblogging in General cannot be the subject of litigation, therefore, the claim should not be accepted for consideration.

Class action to the address of the President of the United States was filed last summer. It was initiated seven banned users and human rights activists from the Knight First Amendment Institute, working at Columbia University. They said that the ban in the presidential Twitter is a violation of the first amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and right to protest. In their opinion, if trump advocates in his political statements, his page is a platform for public debate and discussion, and to deprive them of access because of the views is illegal. They need to recognize blocking illegal and give them free access to the service.

In September, the administration of Twitter explained why trump doesn’t block for the offensive positions. It was reported that the posts of President of the United States are among the important information and cannot be deleted even in case of violation of the rules.

Trump started to actively use Twitter before the inauguration. After taking office, he renounced the official presidential account @POTUS, who was his predecessor, Barack Obama, and continued to use the personal page.