“The most useless airport in the world” took the first regular passenger flight

The airport, located on British-owned island of St. Helena, on Saturday, October 14, has received his first regular passenger flight. About it writes Daily Mail.

On the island landed the airliner South African company Airlines SA c 78 people on Board, which made the six-hour flight from Johannesburg. Such flight is planned to be done weekly.

On the island of St. Helena is home to about 4.5 thousand people. The construction of the airport cost the Treasury of great Britain to 285 million pounds. The designers have made several mistakes, causing awagaman some time could not accept large aircraft. Because of this airport in British media called “the most useless in the world.”

First passenger plane landed at the airport only a year after its construction in may 2017.

St. Helena is famous due to Napoleon Bonaparte, who spent here in exile the last years. The tourism industry the island relies heavily on this aspect of its history.