The attack in Somalia: an explosion killed 231 human

The attack in Somalia: an explosion killed 231 human

In the Somali capital, Mogadishu, was a blast. Filled to capacity with explosives truck blew up outside the hotel in the Metropolitan area Khodan. Killed 231 people, more than 275 were injured varying degrees of severity. Doctors are trying to help the victims, locals looking for their loved ones among the debris. Responsibility for the attack on yourself has not yet took none of the terrorist groups.

The explosion of the bomb truck in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, killing 231 people. On it informs news Agency Associated Press with reference to sources in police and hospitals.

Local authorities say the explosion that occurred on Saturday, October 14, is “the most powerful and deadly” in the history of Somalia.

According to one of the AP sources, of the victims in the morgue Mogadishu, is still not identified.

Many bodies burned beyond recognition.

A terrorist attack occurred on one of the main streets in this area are the buildings of the ministries.

Local municipal health service Aamin Ambulance wrote in his Twitter that “ten years of experience as a ambulance service in Mogadishu, we have not seen anything like that.”

“I have nothing to say. We lost everything” — leads AP words lost her husband mother of four children Zainab Sharif. Several hours the doctors tried to save the man’s life, but he died from heavy blood loss.

Video from the scene captured the torn metal car bodies, destroyed buildings and columns of black smoke. Walk the streets, people with guns, going through the rubble and helping the wounded.

President Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed announced three days of mourning in the country.

The President also joined the blood donor at a local clinic, calling on citizens to help the victims.