Pornomagnat offered 10 million dollars for the removal of tramp from office

Larry Flynt

The publisher of Hustler magazine Larry Flynt has promised $ 10 million for any information that could lead to the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump. An announcement he placed in the newspaper The Washington Post, which came out Sunday, October 15.

Ad is a newspaper strip. It flint summarizes his arguments in favor of removal of the tramp from office. In particular, the publisher blames the US President in “compromising domestic and foreign policy conflicts of interest around his global business Empire,” “hundreds of false statements”, “blatant nepotism” and “the appointment of insufficiently qualified persons in high office”.

In addition, flint called out, trump entered into any transactions with Russian and did not put it at risk the interests of the United States for the protection of the interests of their own business.

“Impeachment is messy and controversial, but the alternative is three more years of the destructive work is worse,” said flint. “I feel it is my Patriotic duty and responsibility of all Americans — dump the trump, until it was too late,” he added.

How should the placement of such ads in the newspaper didn’t specify. “We provide advertisers the opportunity to Express their opinion. As a rule, if the advertisement does not violate the law, we try not to set limits on the length of the message or content,” — said the press Secretary of the edition Kris Koratti.

According to The Washington Post, this is not the first case when flint, who during last year’s race had supported Hillary Clinton, offers financial reward in order to displace trump. So, in 2007, the publisher has placed in The Washington Post ad, in which he offered a million dollars for information proving the existence of the trump sexual relations with any of members of Congress or government officials.