North Korea was accused of preparing for another rocket launch

Kim Jong-UN

U.S. intelligence and South Korea have recorded signs of Pyongyang preparing for another test of ballistic missiles. This is with reference to South Korean media on Sunday, October 15, TASS reported.

The media indicate that the US satellites took the movement of mobile launchers in the four areas of the DPRK including Pyongyang neighborhood.

It is noted that the DPRK may experience several types of weapons, among them ballistic missile of average range “And 12”. It is not excluded that will be simultaneously launched several missiles or Intercontinental ballistic missile “Hwaseong-13”, the exact characteristics of which are still unknown.

September 15, North Korea launched a rocket of unknown type from the area of Sunan in its capital Pyongyang to the East. Earlier, on 3 September, North Korea conducted a successful underground test of a hydrogen warhead for Intercontinental ballistic missiles.