Near St. Petersburg, eight-year-old declared himself “shahidki”

A resident of the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region called Sagalowsky the police Department of the same area and reported that on 2 October at the Playground in the village of Little Carlino eight-year-old girl from a family of citizens of Tajikistan said that “will soon become shahidki and all will burn in hell” and then added that it “teaches dad”. About it reports a site “Konkretnoe”.

According to the newspaper, the next day the family left in an unknown direction. It was also reported that the family of citizens of Tajikistan, four children, and in Russia they came from Uzbekistan. The owner of the house where the family lived, is a man from Dagestan.

A source in law enforcement bodies has informed that this family can be described as poor, the head of the family — the taxi driver. “Owed for the rented apartment for a few months. There is nothing to pay. Here and started to run,” — said the source “Konkretnoe”.

The phrase girls wishing on the Playground surrounding “burn in hell”, a source explained that she is brought up in a religious family. “Girl is taught the basics of Islam. She’s in my eight years of trying to preach in the courtyard, promising torments of hell all wrong. It would be funny if it just did not work sad.” He also stressed that the reason to speak about the involvement of the defendants in the history of radical trends of Islam from the security forces there. The source added that the head of the family was arrested, the police interviewed him.

Edition 47news indicates that the family returned to the village, and their absence is explained by the fact that they are a few days left in St. Petersburg. A caller to the police man, in turn, just “exaggerated the danger.” The publication confirmed that the security forces were unable to detect any relationship girls are to radical Islam.

The child uttered the same words, the newspaper notes, are explained in the following way. That day eight-year-old once again had a fight with a local child for a broken toy. A word about “shahidka” were misinterpreted, the report says. The law enforcement officers involved in the test case, said in an interview with 47news that this phrase could be “deliberately misinterpreted”.