In Turkey under mysterious circumstances killed a tourist from Russia

In Turkish side, killed a tourist from Bashkiria. About it reports the edition Ufa1.

As noted, the 48-year-old Svetlana Feoktistova from Salavat September 19 went to the hotel Club Serena Beach according to the permit.

Two days later Feoktistov suddenly made contact with the family. September 24, her son Ivan called employees of the insurance company and was told that she died.

He said that Feoktistov went to sea when all the tourists it was banned because of bad weather, and drowned. However, they indicated that this happened on September 23. “They say the sea there was a storm, bathers were not allowed, and she disobeyed, I went into the water and drowned. I can not understand how in the sea, if all the photographs that we sent, mom was at the pool?” — asks Ivan.

On his page in social network “Vkontakte” Feoktistov last time came also on September 21, the newspaper notes.

The cause of death son of the deceased and is not named. All the papers he promised to pay in six months.

“We are not going to complain about something to find out — I know that’s a foreign country. Just wanted to soothe the soul to know what happened to mom,” concluded the man.