Austria: conservatives win elections to Parliament

Austria: conservatives win elections to Parliament

According to preliminary results of counting of votes on parliamentary elections in Austria, the leader of the conservative-minded “people’s party”, headed by 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz.

Reportedly, the “people’s party”, a course which in recent years has significantly shifted to the right, got almost 31% of the vote.

For the second place fight far-right “freedom Party” and the Social democratic party, each of which, apparently, gets a little less than a third of the votes.

Before the elections the social Democrats headed the ruling coalition.

As the party Kurtz will not gain an absolute majority of votes, she will probably have to form a coalition government with anti-immigration “freedom Party”.

As the immigration issue dominated the election debate, the “freedom Party” has a chance again to be part of the government.

The population of many countries of Central Europe are concerned about the influx of immigrants in 2015. As a result, in neighboring Germany the far-right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” has managed to get into the Bundestag.