As would punish the Catalan separatists under Russian law

As would punish the Catalan separatists under Russian law

Many Russian commentators have expressed support for the aspirations of Catalonia to independence. Meanwhile, if something like that happened in Russia, a hypothetical separatists were threatened with real prison terms.


Russian commentators, including in the Pro-Kremlin position, Madrid is often criticized for policies that brought the situation before the referendum in Catalonia, and support the region in its quest for independence.

Not recognized by the Central authorities of Spain and the European Union a referendum on the independence of Catalonia on 1 October ended in clashes with police and mass rallies of supporters and opponents of secession.

In the course of development of the Russian state media expressed deep sympathy for the Catalans and criticized Madrid.

“Vampires from Madrid suck all the juice out of helpless of Catalonia”, — said the TV presenter of the program “Sunday times” Valery Fadeev. “The court and the police and, if necessary, and the army — their tools. This is certainly a mistake,” complained the leader.

As a rule, Russian commentators do not mention that if the actions of supporters of independence of Catalonia was somewhere in Russia, they would fall under a number of criminal charges. These articles are used extensively, provide for penalties up to lengthy prison sentences, and in recent years has tightened further.

Russian service Bi-bi-si introduced that would threaten the leaders and ordinary members of the Catalan events, if they occurred in Russia.

Calls for separatism

Penalty: from the penalty of 100 thousand rubles to five years in prison.

The Spanish Constitution establishes “an indestructible unity of the Spanish nation”, and only the Spanish Parliament can change it. However, for verbal calls for the separation of the Catalans are not punished.

Russia’s public calls for separatism punishable (article 280.1 of the criminal code). The relevant article appeared in the Criminal code of Russian Federation in may 2014 after the annexation of Crimea.

The most severely punished incitement to violate the territorial integrity of the country in the media and on the Internet.

According to the newspaper “the Media” in January 2017, according to the article, was sentenced to seven people. Four of them for the posts and reposts in social networks has get real and conditional terms.

A Chelyabinsk blogger Alex Moroshkin was sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment. For the post about the war in the East of Ukraine in social networks “Vkontakte” user Rafis Kashapov received three years in prison.

The holding of the illegal referendum

Penalty: from the penalty of 100 thousand roubles up to seven years in prison.

On the eve of the referendum, the Spanish police carried out raids, detained 14 officials of Catalonia, participated in the voting.

A Spanish court has sentenced seven officials a fine of 12 thousand euros (800 thousand) for each day they will continue the preparations for the referendum. Another 16 officials imposed a fine in the amount of 6 thousand euros (408 thousand) for each day of the referendum.