After being shot in the audience of the teachings of the Ka-52 was accidentally hit on the store

After being shot in the audience of the teachings of the Ka-52 was accidentally hit on the store

During the Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2017” Ka-52 (“alligator”), having made a shot towards the audience, after landing, partially destroyed a warehouse at the airfield Pushkin, told RBC two sources.

September 16 — the third day of the Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2017” in the Leningrad region was not one, but two emergency involving the Ka-52.

It told RBC a source close to the defense Ministry, and was confirmed by a source from the aviation industry. After the flight, during which Ka-52 fired a volley toward the audience, there was another involuntary shot, told RBC two people.

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The first unplanned shot occurred at 14:00 GMT: the crew of the Ka-52 — Colonel Smakhtin A. V., and senior Lieutenant Volchkov S. A. — performed a takeoff from an airfield Pushkin and flew to the landfill Luga. At 14:47 after obtaining the permission of the head of the flight of a polygon when executing a third call on the combat course at a height of 50 m and a speed of about 200 km/h when the main switch is turned to the weapons there was a spontaneous gathering of unguided rockets (NAR) C-8. After that, senior Lieutenant Volchkov received a command to stop the task, changed course and returned to base in the city.

Due to an unscheduled start-up of rockets, three people were injured.

The defense Ministry confirmed that the helicopter Ka-52 have performed accidental missile launch, but it “occurred in a different period of time.” Reports of wounded people in the incident in the Department called “stupidity”.

The second incident with the Ka-52 occurred at 17:12 GMT — after landing of the helicopter on the runway, told RBC source close to the defense Ministry.

According to him, when Smakhtin and tops with the engine off, left the helicopter to conduct a postflight inspection of the two arrived. First checked the helicopter for damage, the second was engaged in technical maintenance of weapons, said the interlocutor of RBC.

“He turned the helicopter so that the gun was aimed in a safe direction, and then removed the cover behind which is a gun. He then began to carry out all the standard procedures that normally take place in the framework of safety after each flight”, — told RBC source close to the defense Ministry. The second technician had to open the shutter, and then to control the descent to ensure that no projectile in the barrel, explained the interlocutor of RBC.