Ural inhabitant refused to recognize the man

Sverdlovsk regional court

Judicial Board of the Sverdlovsk regional court on civil cases dismissed the appeal of the inhabitant of the Top Pyshma Igor Poluichik, who was asked to confirm his legal status. On Friday, October 13, reports Znak.com.

The court came to the conclusion that the question cannot be solved in civil proceedings, because the problem is not of a legal character, and added confirmation that Poluichik is the person, does not require a judicial decision because “the legal personality of the applicant is confirmed in other documents obtained out of court”.

The plaintiff stated that he would continue to fight for the status of a person in the Supreme and constitutional courts of Russia. “(…) Our Constitution and the international Declaration, conventions on human rights are also becoming a declarative non-legal documents, not connected with the current legislation, where a person as a subject of legal relations does not appear. On the other hand, we are called different kinds of unconstitutional in terms of the type “individuals””, — he explained his claims.

The legal status of human Poluichik trying to get in court from July of this year, the newspaper reminds. In his opinion, it is necessary to enable them to fully exercise their rights and freedoms as “legal personality of the citizen of Russia is different from the personality of the person.”