The President of Iceland broke his nose during water treatment

Gudni Johannesson

The President of Iceland Gudni Johannesson in his Facebook wrote that he broke his nose while taking a bath.

“Warm and cozy bath yesterday evening was too hot, and cozy” — he said. Johannesson wrote that lost consciousness from too hot water in the tub. He hit his forehead and broke his nose.

Arrived at the doctors quickly brought the President to the hospital where he was stitched. Johannesson noticed that feels good, but added that the incident reminded him more and the abrasion on his forehead.

13 October, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich revealed the details of his injury, which became known during the meeting on issues of agro-industrial complex (AIC) with the participation of President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Voronezh. According to him, he broke his arm when engaged in sports, but the circumstances of the incident he does not remember.