On the Ukrainian-Hungarian border found 150 not controlled by the authorities of kilometers

The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios, the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said that the 150-kilometer stretch of the Ukrainian-Hungarian border is actually private, and the guards do not have full access to it.

He pointed out that this area is divided into plots which councils gave local residents. After that, they have been accumulated in individual hands, there was structured communication, said Matios.

The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine added that he is going to report about the situation to the General Prosecutor of the country Yury Lutsenko. “This cannot continue,” he concluded.

The evening of 13 October in Budapest rally, which participants demanded self-determination for Transcarpathia. The organizers said that advocated “self-determination of Transcarpathia, and for the freedom of national communities who live on the territory of Ukraine”. The rally was organized by the Hungarian party “Jobbik”. From the party the event was attended by the MEP Krisztina Morvai, who was denied entry to Ukraine, and tamás Gaudi-Nagy, who was wearing a t-shirt “Crimea is Russia, Zakarpattia is Hungary.”