Media reported about the complete liberation of Raqqa from is militants

The Syrian city of raqqa, considered the main stronghold of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), completely liberated from the insurgents. This was reported by TV channel Al Arabiya.

Channel sources indicate that remaining in the city, the terrorists decided to surrender to the fighters of the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS, SDF).

About the beginning of the final assault on the leadership of SDS announced on 8 October. The leadership of the organization claimed that the Islamists took hostage civilians and hiding behind them as human shields. The attack was also hampered by snipers, which were aimed fire from cover at the attackers.

On 1 September it was reported that the soldiers of the SDS was released from the militants of the historic centre of Raqqa. The assault on the city is from June. The liberation of the city is one of the main goals of the international antiterrorist coalition headed by USA, the leading military operations against extremists in Iraq and Syria. Coalition aircraft regularly strikes the city, leading to the deaths of dozens of civilians.