Kurdistan has strengthened the defense of the disputed territories on the border with Iraq

Kurdistan has strengthened the defense of the disputed territories on the border with Iraq

Several thousand Kurdish militia, the Peshmerga were sent to the border with Iraq to protect the disputed territories including the oil-rich region of Kirkuk. About it reports Reuters with reference to the government of Iraqi Kurdistan.

In early October, Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi called on the Peshmerga to join the ranks of the Iraqi armed forces. “We don’t want confrontation, but the Federal government should prevail, and no one can encroach on its authority,” — said the Prime Minister. According to him, enlisting in the army units, the Kurds will be able to ensure the safety of the civilian population and restore the disputed areas.

Earlier, al-Abadi invited the Kurds to enter a joint administration in the disputed regions, including Kirkuk. However, according to the Prime Minister, the Kurdish authorities should recognize the “Supreme authority” of Iraq, concluding a deal. Also, the Iraqi Parliament at the end of September addressed to al-Abadi with the suggestion of a violent seizure of the disputed territories.

A referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence took place on 25 September. The results of the referendum showed that the majority of Kurds called for the independence of the region. Iraq, Iran and Turkey did not recognize the referendum results. The country has threatened the Iraqi Kurdistan sanctions and blockade, and Baghdad stopped flights to Kurdish capital Erbil.

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will not intervene in the conflict over Kurdistan and does not intend to “burn and blow up the situation.” “We have good relations with the Kurdish people have been historically, we do not provoke anybody to anything not pushed. We do not interfere in these processes,” — said the Russian leader.