Kerry has accused trump in creating an international crisis

Kerry has accused trump in creating an international crisis

MOSCOW, October 14 — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump its decision on the nuclear deal with Iran creates an international crisis and jeopardizes national interests in the sphere of security and the interests of American allies, according to former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry.

“The decision of the President of trump is dangerous, it creates an international crisis. It (the decision — ed.) is endangering US interests in the sphere of national security and the interests of close allies,” wrote Kerry in a statement posted on Twitter.

He also called the decision “a reckless abandonment of the facts by the President in favor of his own ego and ideology”.

The former US Secretary of state, participated in the work on an international deal on the Iranian atom, said he did not understand why trump might not recognize the observance of Tehran’s nuclear agreement, while IAEA, the US allies and members of the administration trump think that’s true.

“However, whatever the reasons may be, the reality is that disrupting the stability of the agreement, the President weakens our position, separates us from the allies, strengthens the position of Iranian conservatives, complicates the solution (of the crisis — ed.), Korea and risks to bring us closer to military conflict”, — said Kerry.

On Friday trump the appeal to the Americans refused to officially confirm to Congress that Iran adheres to the agreement on the nuclear program, but did not at the international level to challenge the compliance of Iran agreement on nuclear deal. Trump also said that the White house would work with Congress on the “serious shortcomings” of the international agreement with Iran, and promised that the US will impose against Iran new sanctions for supporting terrorism.