In the United States brought the horse, like a cartoon character Disney

In the United States brought the horse, like a cartoon character Disney

MOSCOW, October 14 — RIA Novosti. In the United States brought the horse similar to the horse from the movie of Disney: with a curved snout and large nostrils and eyes. Veterinarians are sounding the alarm, believing that the animal will begin breathing problems, while the owners claim that any health problems he does not, writes The Telegraph.

The owners are located in Washington state farm where you brought this Arabian horse named El Rey Magnum, describe the horse as “a step to perfection. Its cost is estimated at millions of dollars.

Experts oppose such “extreme breeding”: a British vet Tim Says he noted that although Arabian horses are known and a curved face, but the case with this horse has gone beyond. He added that with this kind of strain will be the horse to breathe much harder than dogs, which also carry out similar experiments.

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“Dogs can breathe through their mouths like humans, but horses can breathe only through the nose. I think physical activity will be limited for it,” said Grit.

Some were horrified by the appearance of El Rey Magnum. So, Adele Utters, editor of the journal Veterinary Record, said: “at First I thought it was some trick of computer graphics”.

“When will it end? Is it so bad that the horse looks like a horse and not like a cartoon character”, she added.