In Russia changed the rules for obtaining a driver’s license

Russia has toughened rules of delivery of, and access to the exam to receive a driver’s license. About it writes “Kommersant”.

The new regulations entered into force 14 Oct. According to him, if wants to pass the exam in the traffic police takes the necessary documents (certificate of training completion, medical records) obtained in another region, the inspector is required to send request and to verify their authenticity.

Also changes were made to the exam itself. For those who receive the right to manage the motorcycle, became mandatory exercise “high-Speed maneuvering” (contains elements of “snakes”, acceleration, braking, and swerving). Previously it was held by the decision of the examiner. In addition, the now banned “rollover” of the motorcycle during the test.

Changes made to exercise for car drivers. So, if when reversing (for example, by “Boxing-in”) the candidate could not perform the exercise on the first attempt and the second time I put it in reverse, the exam will be considered failed. Previously, the number of attempts was not regulated.

In addition, the new rules must not violate the border as the exercise wheel, and mirrors and bumpers.